Things to do in Mabul Island
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On and Around Mabul Island

Mabul and the surrounding Islands are full of interesting activities for all ages.

As well as being famous for having easy access to some of the world’s best dive sites, there is a host of other adventurous things to do like snorkelling, kayaking, fishing and swimming. Relax and soak up the sun on a choice of stunning white sand beaches, or try out an array of rejuvenating spa treatments.

Nature lovers can explore rainforests, go jungle trekking, visit numerous environmental projects and animal sanctuaries. See below for a list of popular activities at and around Mabul.

Scuba Diving

Mabul and Sipadan Islands

Each island offers a different kind of diving experience.

Mabul is all about Macro and Muck diving, with about 15 well established and shallow dive sites, each filled with its own variety of corals and amazing tiny critters, whereas Sipadan with its strong currents and deep wall dives is better known for turtles, whirling tornadoes of fish like barracudas, and big pelagics such as hammerhead sharks.


Mabul, Sipadan and Kapalai

Snorkelling gear is available at any dive centre, and non-divers preferring to stay safely on the surface can still experience the thrills and fabulous underwater scenery of various macro and muck dive sites.


Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai, Mataking...

Why not venture out for a day of island hopping to some of Mabul’s surrounding islands.

Easily accessible by speedboat, tours can be arranged to Sipadan, Mataking, Pom Pom, Kapalai and many others, as well as to the reefs in Tun Sakaran Marine Park.


Sea Gypsies Village

Immerse yourself in true ethnic culture with a visit to the floating Bajau Laut Village.

Built entirely over-water on stilts, in traditional Malay style, it is home to the nomadic seafaring tribe known as the Sea Gypsies.


8 islands and 2 reefs

No visit to Sabah is complete without experiencing her largest active spawning, breeding and growing marine park, which was compared to Australia’s great barrier reef. Immense at over 340 with 8 unique islands and 2 patch reefs, this underwater utopia has well over 500 species of fish, over 200 species of invertebrates, and an enormous array of corals.


Sunrises and Sunsets

The sun rises and sets early in this part of the world and offers the most photographic scenery imaginable, and it's really worth to witness the sun setting at least once.

Early risers can watch the beautiful golden sun rays creeping up over the horizon at around 5.45am.

The sunsets are spectacular as well, starting from about 5.30pm, watch as the technicolour sky and clouds change from blue and white to deep fiery orange, purple and red.

To get a good spot, make sure to arrive early, maybe with a picnic, and get your cameras and tripods ready. Don’t rush to leave the minute the sun rises though, you’ll not only see the pale golden sun rays creeping up over the horizon, wait another 15 minutes, and you’ll be rewarded with a glorious technicolour dawn sweeping across the landscape.


Semporna Boat Festival

Each year during April, the coastal town of Semporna erupts in a carnival of riotous colour, music and traditional costumes, as the locals celebrate their Regatta Lepa Festival.

Named after the single-mast sailing boats that the Bajau sea gypsies use, a fleet of highly decorated Lepa take to the sea and compete to win the crown of ‘Most beautiful’.

Colourful stalls are set out everywhere selling all sorts of produce including local delicacies and souvenirs, and festivities include fireworks, a beauty pageant, and cultural performances.


Body & Soul

There are several spas on Mabul island offering rejuvenation packages and thai and chinese massages along with various treatments.


Diving, Snorkeling and Other Activities



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