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Mataking is a private island paradise with palm trees swaying in a gentle sea breeze along white sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

For divers, the underwater scene is equally impressive and boasts both large pelagic sightings and macro diving opportunities.

Mataking Island is ideal for honeymooners, divers, families or those just looking to escape the daily grind on an island far far away.


Mataking Island itself is actually made up of two islands that are connected by a sand bar. Development has been kept to a minimum on Mataking, and aside from the island’s private resort, dive center and related facilities, the rest of the island is covered in natural rainforest.

Guests can enjoy sea kayak trips around to the smaller forest-covered Mataking Kecil or spend some time strolling across the sandbar to enjoy the jungle scene from up close.


The sloping coral reef that surrounds the islands of Mataking reaches depths of up to 80 metres and is home to a number of colourful marine creatures.

Mataking is located within the Alice Channel, a 100 metre deep channel connecting Mataking and Sipadan that offers large pelagic sightings in crystal clear water. Due to its location within the channel, the northen side of Mataking is well-suited for wall diving enthusiasts who enjoy washing machine currrents. Divers will have the chance to spot hammerhead sharks, manta rays, grey reef sharks and eagle rays who often seem not at all concerned about the strong currents around them. If your visit is between April and June you might see an enormous and mesmerizing whale shark casually swimming past – a fantastic experience for any diver!


To the south, Mataking boasts a number of macro dive sites suitable for seeing the weird and wonderful such as frog fish, stone fish and lion fish. Ribbon eels, octopus, morays and stingrays are also regularly seen around the southern side of the island. Dive sites such as the Shipwreck, Sweetlips Avenue and the House Reef are all worthwhile sites to visit.


The Reef Dive Resort is the only resort on Mataking. Far away from the bustling resorts of Mabul island, this resort boasts executive-style chalets & villas with some even offering a private Jacuzzi bath for added luxury.

These chalets boast sea views from the private balconies as well as the bathrooms and have comfortable King or Queen-size beds for a relaxing night’s sleep. In addition to the luxury chalets and villas, there are deluxe rooms with double or twin beds that boast fantastic sea views from their terraces.


Relaxation and spectacular diving are the main aims of any visit to Mataking, and the island provides plenty of opportunity for both. With sun-soaked beaches and a relaxing Jacuzzi bath for the afternoons, guests are made to feel like royalty during their stay.

Mataking is a nesting ground for Hawksbill and Green sea turtles and visitors can sometimes see turtle eggs hatchling.

There’s also a watch tower offering breath-taking views to the island’s northern side.


More information about Mataking

Guests will usually fly into Tawau airport whih is only 45 minutes from Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA). Once in Tawau, a 90 minute land transfer is organized by the resort and will get you to Semporna and a further 40 minute boat ride to the northeast will get you to Mataking Island. Let the relaxation begin!

The resort has been allocated 7 Sipadan permits daily. For those wanting to explore the wonder of Sipadan, Mataking is located near enough to arrange a day trip. Travel time between the two islands is 80 minutes on a speedboat.

The resort regularly organizes weddings including underwater weddings, traditional borneo style weddings, chinese weddings and western weddings.
For honeymooners, there are also special packages available.


Mataking is the perfect combination of two different types of diving, which essentially means it has something for everyone.


I am a big fish fan and Mataking was able to deliver with some pelagic sightings that you may expect to see in Sipadan.


I highly recommend Mataking for the numerous island activities offered to non-divers.




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