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Pelagics and Macro Critters!


Two Connected Islands

Mataking is connected to the world renowned Sipadan Island via the Alice Channel, which means that it is possible to see many of the larger pelagics in Mataking without visiting Sipadan.

Located on the border between Malaysia and the Philippines, Mataking is basically a postcard picture everywhere you look – white sandy beaches, palm trees and Jacuzzis set in a beautiful resort. It’s no wonder why the area is popular with honeymooners and those interested in escaping for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Many visitors still choose to make a day trip to Sipadan as it is only 80 minutes away by boat and definitely an enjoyable experience.

Diving North of Mataking


On Mataking’s north side divers will experience some of the best vertical wall diving in the area.

Strong currents and large pelagics are the main draw here, and divers can hope to see eagle rays, mantas, hammerhead sharks and grey reef sharks in the clear blue water.

Some lucky divers might even get to see a magnificent whale shark swimming in the big blue yonder. If diving with a whale shark is on the top of your diving bucket list, be sure to visit Mataking between April and June as this is when sightings are most likely.

Scuba diving in Mataking is open year round as it is not affected by any monsoon season.

Diving South of Mataking

Mataking Besar

To the south of Mataking are a number of excellent macro dive sites such as Sweetlips Avenue, House Reef and the Shipwreck.

Common sightings here include ribbon eels, stone fish, frog fish and lion fish, and the odd octopus has been known to hang around the nooks and crannies of these reefs too.

If you’re into stingrays and giant moray eels don’t miss out on regular sightings of these marine wonders at the Shipwreck site.


North Point presents a vertical wall dive only suited for advanced divers due to the strong currents. The exhilaration is well worth the effort though, with a popular cleaning station at 37 metres that brings together manta rays, the occasional hammerhead sharks, massive grey reef sharks and eagle rays to name just a few. As you ascend, look out for some of the largest green sea turtles in the area which are often seen near graceful ribbon eels and coral cat sharks.

Best left for an afternoon dive, this vertical wall boasts breathtaking coral in amazing condition. The moderate currents make it an easier dive than North Point and there’s plenty to see in the first 18 metres of the descent. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for manta rays swimming past in the blue water away from the wall.

Imagine the ease of walking off the beach onto a fantastic dive site, just 25 metres below you. The House Reef is a great shore dive with a sloping wall that reaches down to 50 metres in some places.

In the shallow waters you’ll be sure to find interesting looking creatures such as nudibranchs, cuttlefish, lionfish, stonefish and squat lobsters. There’s even the chance to spot the oh-so-deadly blue-ringed octopus, a tiny but mighty octopus you won’t want to come too close to. There are plenty of jacks to be seen around the nearby jetty, which is an absolute hive of marine activity. Look out for schools of trevally, batfish, groupers and trumpet fish. Even more exciting is the presence of the resident giant grouper and the 3 metre giant moray eel.

Depth: 5-30 metres
Visibility: Up to 20 metres
Current: Generally gentle
Surface Conditions: Calm but sometimes choppy
Water Temperature: 25°C-29°C
Best Time to Visit: Any time of the year
Required Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced


The purposefully sunk fishing boat at Mataking resort is a brilliant attraction for all sorts of marine life. Morays, frogfish, jack fish and lion fish are all residents of the site known as ShipWreck, and the site has the added touch of having an underwater post box for divers to send any underwater ‘wish you were here’ postcards.

Located in Mataking in south-east Malaysia, Bohayan Island is a great dive site for divers of all abilities. Depths begin at just 5 metres and continue down to 25 metres. Although the current tends to be on the strong side at times, it is generally suitable for novice divers hoping to explore what Mataking dive sites have to offer.

Frog fish farm is one of the most popular diving spots in Mataking. Suitable for all levels of diver, the site is ideal for frogfish encounters, so be sure to look out for these magnificent and odd-looking kinds of camouflage anywhere you turn. With gentle currents until the weather turns, this site’s stronger currents are only suitable for experienced divers.

D’Wall is an interesting dive site near small Mataking’s coastline. Easily accessible by speedboat and steeped in history from fairly recent dynamite fishing, D’Wall is a colourful site with plenty to offer once you descend the first 10 metres of unfortunate destruction.

Vibrant colour stems from soft and hard corals, feather stars, sea whips and gorgonian fans in every size and colour imaginable. In the sandy sections of the site, be sure to look out for interesting looking nudibranchs hiding in the tiniest of nooks and crannies. You might also find some jawfish hiding out in the cracks or small holes in the sand. Other reef fish such as parrotfish, bannerfish, Moorish idols and butterfly fish all occupy the area too.

For many divers the highlight of diving D’Wall is spotting a well-camouflaged frogfish hiding out on the spongey coral patches. There’s even a giant black frogfish that’s been known to hang out waiting for its next meal.

Depth: 10-40 metres
Current: Generally gentle to mild
Water Temperature: 25°C-29°C
Best Time to Visit: The months of November and February
How to Travel There: Diving boat from the resort at Mataking
Required Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

One of Mataking’s highlights is the Garden of Eden and with its mild currents, fantastic variety and brilliant visibility; it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular dive site. Reef fish are present in their masses including angel fish, Moorish idols and surgeon fish and there are plenty of shrimp, cleaner wrasses and gobies around too.

The sea bed lies some 25 metres below, where soft corals sway in the current and a variety of coloured feather stars add a touch of vibrancy to the rocks and reef. There’s plenty to see and photograph for underwater photography enthusiasts. Interesting subjects can also include nudibranchs, morays and blue-spotted rays.

Hump Head Point is a soft sloping reef ranging from 5 to 25 metres in depth. Corals are in abundance in this spot and are exceptionally healthy too. Aside from regular sightings of hump head parrotfish, divers can also observe lionfish, shrimp, crabs and Bluefin trevally.

Depth: 5-25 metres
Current: Generally mild
Best Time to Visit: The months of November and February
How to Travel There: Diving boat from the resort at Mataking
Required Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced

As the name suggests, Lobster Lair on the southern side of Hanging Gardens is brilliant for lobster watching. The coral reef system in this area is exquisite and fantastically healthy and there is plenty macro life to be seen in the area.

Rated as one of Mataking’s best, Magic Rock is a fantastic site that is best suited for experienced or advanced level divers, especially when the current is strong. Although the depth is only between 5 and 25 metres, the currents can range from moderate to strong, making the entire experience quite an invigorating one.

A visit to Mataking isn’t complete without a trip to Nudibranch Heaven where underwater photographers can get their fix. There’s plenty of interesting creatures to see hiding in the nooks and crannies including coral and spotted shrimp, banded pipefish, damsel fish, anemone fish and gobies.

One of the must-sees at Mataking, Treasure Hunt is a scenic site ideal for a relaxing dive. The peaceful ambience of this site is ideal for beginner divers.

One of Mataking’s most intriguing sites, Turtle Playground is the home of many green sea turtles. If there’s one thing for certain from this site near the stunning island of Mataking it’s that divers return with many fantastic stories of turtle encounters.



Mataking has a great House Reef which is magically convenient for scuba diving.


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The diving is excellent with sea turtles, macro critters and larger pelagics.


New Zealand
The diving was done in small groups and led by professional, knowledgeable dive guides.


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Sipadan Island is 80 minutes away by boat from Mataking.
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