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Transparent Molokini Kayak

Guests wanting to do some kayaking can rent regular kayaks at most resorts. If you want to try out the new transparent Molokini kayaks (which are made with the same material as bullet-proof glass and fighter-jet canopies) there are a few available at Mabul Water Bungalows, Sipadan-Mabul Resort, Sipadan Water Village , at the Sipadan-Kapalai Resort on Kapalai and at Mataking island.

Previous paddling experience is recommended for the Molokini, however with a little training and practice, it is easy to master this narrow boat.

Paddling Tips

Practice getting in and out, and make sure to sit all the way back in your seat with your knees slightly bent, and resting firmly against the sides. This gives you better control and helps you avoid lower-back strain.

For better efficiency, use your whole torso as well as your arms, (in other words, put your back into it), and maintain a relaxed but firm grip on your paddles, no need for a death grip!


Do some gentle paddling, and practice turning and steering in calm waters, to get a confident handle on technique, before taking one out on open deep waters. (A basic paddle stroke is a forward power stroke, putting the paddle in the water about level to your toes, you pull it back through the water to your seat, then repeat on the other side.)

Tandem Kayak

Tandem paddlers must practice matching their rhythm, do nice even strokes on the same side, at the same time, otherwise the paddles can tangle together when changing sides.